Modapharma Review. My personal experience and rundown

There’s a new modafinil shop in town!

There is a new modafinil shop in town and they are starting to catch people attention. If you didn’t know yet, they are called Modapharma.

They recently updated their payment processor so they are now able to serve even more productivity conscious people like us. Let’s see what Modapharma has in store for us…

Where it all begin

I first heard of Modapharma 6 months ago. At that time they were the new kids on the block. There was already 2 serious modafinil seller, modup and modafinilcat that were serving us and at that time, i thought a new seller wouldn’t be necessary.

6 month later, I think it’s time to have a little diversity and have a new modafinil provider. I can say without a doubt that there is a new modafinil shop in town and they are called Modapharma.


I don’t want to get into a branding debate but I do like their name, It obviously doesn’t make their Modafinil any better but Im just like that, I like a catchy name. hehe

So what’s the choice?

What Modfinil brand are they selling?
Modapharma sell:

  • Artvigil
  • Modalert
  • Modvigil

What’s the difference?

Modalert vs Modvigil

To make this clear, it is the same thing. Modalert and modvigil are simply 2 different brand of modafinil. Same content, just a different brand name. Just like pepsi and coca cola. So you will get the exact same product offer to you in a different wrapping. Also, the pill itself are produce by 2 different company so it will have a slightly different shape.


On the other hand, Artvigil is armodafinil. Armodafinil is simply a blend of modafinil with a smoother start(not as harsh as modalert and modvigil) and a longer lasting effect. So you wouldn’t crash in the evening. Kinda like diet-coke.

My personal choice?

I personally prefer the “harder” effect of modalert because i don’t need to wait as long to feel it but that is up to personal preferences.

Modapharma cover pretty much the spectrum of Modafinil available right now. I usually only get Modalert but its nice to have the choice to change once in a while.

Reddit thread review

Modapharma had a fair bit of reddit review. They seem to have had some problem when they first started with moderating and email follow up but everything seems back to normal now. Most of the older negative comment was about missing email confirmation.
It seems that customer satisfaction over the past 4 months went close to 100% since i cannot see any bad comments on their modapharma reddit thread so it’s fair to say that they improved tremendously on that.

A new beginning

I’m assuming that they stream line their customer care process. We can forgive a new company to make some blunders when they start. It seems that they have been working hard to fix it and it shows.

Twitter feed review.

Their twitter feed seems not to be the busy place where they hangout. They have a few customer asking questions and everything seems normal there.

How was your experience?

If you used them before, leave a comment below and let us know of your experience.


Their website are straight to the point. They seem to hyped modafinil a little bit but I really cannot blame them because I have been reporting my experience with Modafinil for quite some times now and my view are pretty positive on the subject too.
The site could use a little re-design but for a shop that opened up less than 6 months ago, it’s pretty good.

My personal experience using modafinil

Im a self-diagnose ADHD so having modafinil on my hand was instrumental in increasing my focus that I never had before. Sometimes I wonder if i could have done what i did without it. I like to think i would but i know Modafinil helped with the early kick to get my energy going.

I used it everyday for a while. Now I take it whenever I need that little energy boost or I need to finish something over night.

I found out that eating a clean diet, having proper work music and having well defined goals can have some pretty amazing effect on productivity. Modafinil will show you what’s possible, then you can naturally go back to that state if you have a good system. I’ll share my routine with you if you are interested in future post.

Let me know how it goes!

You should only use drug if you aware of the possible consequences and did your own research. You should have a prescription if you want to use modafinil. If you are looking for a great alternative, you can read my post about ModafinilCat, one of my favourite place to buy Modafinil Online.

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